Consumer Information

The U.S. Department of Education requires that we provide “consumer" information to prospective students and their families and to current students, faculty and staff. Following is a list of the information we are required to provide, with links to webpages, additional information about where to obtain the information, and the individual at the Wooster who can assist you with questions, concerns or requests for paper copies.  

Information About Us on External Websites 

Information About Us on Our Website

Mission, Planning, Accreditation, Our Students

Academic Program Information 

Cost of Attendance & Refund Policies 

Transfer & Withdrawal Policies 

Student Information Policies 

Disability Support Services

[contact: Pam Rose, Director of the Learning Center]   

Community Expectations Policies

Student Health & Safety

Student Outcomes 

Teacher Preparation 

Student Financial Assistance Information 

Voter Registration

[contact: Carolyn Buxton, Interim Dean of Students]