Can I require a student/my class to visit the Writing Center?

Yes. However, if you require your class to visit the Writing Center for a particular assignment or for extra credit, we ask that you please notify us ahead of time (preferably two weeks' notice) and send us a copy of the assignment guidelines/your syllabus. This will allow us to not only make room in our schedule to accommodate your students, but also to prepare our staff ahead of time to assist with your particular assignment. It is also important to keep in mind that while you can require a student to come to the Writing Center on an individual basis, it may not always produce the desired results. Students who are required to come may not be as motivated to work on improving their writing as students who decide to visit. We suggest you encourage students throughout the term, especially those who might need extra writing support.

Can the Writing Center help strong writers?

Yes. We know that writers at all levels, including professional writers and academic scholars, seek  feedback and constructive criticism for their writing projects, and we can all improve our writing in some way. We're not out to "fix" bad writing or bad writers. Rather, the Writing Center seeks to help every writer and every writing assignment become the best that it can be.

Do students need to have a full draft before they make an appointment?

Students do not need to have a completed draft before they make or attend an appointment. We can help students at any point in their writing process, and that help may be more useful before a draft is completed. Encourage students to make and keep appointments regardless of how far along they are in the assignment.

Does the Writing Center help students with take-home essay exams?

Yes, but we need to know that you approve of that practice beforehand. By default, we will only help students working on take-home exams with general proofreading/editing, NOT content, unless we hear differently from a professor or a student brings in some form of verification. We rely on students to ask their instructors whether or not they may bring take-home exams to the Writing Center. If you do/do NOT wish your students to receive feedback from a Writing Center tutor on a take-home exam, please make that explicit when you distribute the exam.

Does the Writing Center work with I.S. students?

Yes. We are always happy to work with I.S. students at any stage of their writing work. We encourage I.S. students to visit the Writing Center regularly throughout their work, rather than wait until the project is mostly completed. We will assign I.S. students to work only with Writing Associates and the Writing Center Assistant Director. In the event that an I.S. student wants an appointment when these professionals are not available and the student has no other scheduling options, we will offer that student the option of working with a Consultant, and it will be up to the student to decide if that will meet his or her needs.

Besides tutoring, what other services does the Writing Center offer for students?

We are happy to help with non-coursework related papers, creative assignments, study abroad/graduate school/internship applications, or personal statements/essays. We offer workshops for students/faculty throughout the school year. We also offer many links through our website to helpful and informative writing guide sites. We maintain a well-stocked and up-to-date library of print resources, as well as a collection of model independent studies from most majors. We hold open houses, I.S. writing retreats, and other writing-centered events. Black & Gold, the College's undergraduate research journal, is produced and published through the Writing Center.

Do tutors in the Writing Center discuss grades with students?

No. Writing Center tutors understand that grades and evaluation are matters for the instructor. We concentrate on helping the writer become a stronger writer and write a stronger paper. We also do not discuss professors, and we do not write on student papers- we believe allowing the student to mark up his/her own paper gives them greater ownership of their work and more responsibility for the development of their writing.

Do you send written notices to faculty when their students visit the Writing Center?

Students may choose to send notices to faculty when they attend Writing Center sessions.  These notices are written by the student and sent from the Writing Center email account.

My student brought her paper to the Writing Center. Why are there still so many errors?

The Writing Center is a collaborative environment. We try to help students improve their overall writing abilities; we do not "fix" their papers. We do not proofread or edit a student's work without their interactive assistance. In addition, students retain ownership of the papers even after a Writing Center visit; they decide whether or not they want to incorporate the tutor's suggestions into their work. The Writing Center staff has no control over what a student does upon the end of the tutorial.

Can the Writing Center help me revise or develop writing assignments for my courses?

We are always happy to work with faculty on your writing prompts/assignments. Also, we have a number of books on writing and the teaching of writing in the disciplines which you may find useful.