Who goes to the Writing Center?

Very simply, writers come to the Writing Center. We offer support to writers at all levels of proficiency and are happy to assist with the most fundamental problems as well as answer your most sophisticated questions.

What kinds of writing can you help me with?

In much the same way as the Writing Center staff can offer support to all writers, we also offer support for all writing endeavors. Thesis-driven papers, lab reports, creative writing projects, conference proposals, reviews, project proposals, application essays, personal essays--if you wrote it, we'll be happy to look at it with you.

Do I have to have a finished draft in order to get help at the Center?

Not at all! We believe that writing is a process and subsequently offer support at every stage of that process. We can help you brainstorm, talk through possible ideas, outline, we can help you expand an outline into a fully developed paper, we can help with revision, et cetera. If at any stage of the writing process, you feel that you could use some support, please feel free to contact us.

What should I bring?

Very basically, you should bring anything you think you'll need during a tutorial. Bring your assignment sheet/essay prompt, any primary sources you might need, any outlines you've made or notes you may have taken, and, of course, any work you've done thus far. We recommend bringing a hard copy of your draft, as many writers find it easier to spot errors and see their work as a whole on a hard copy. Anything you might use to write your paper could help us in our ability to help you.

What will happen when I come in for an appointment?

You'll be greeted warmly by either our Administrative Assistant, Debbie, or by one of our floating tutors, who will ask for your name and a little bit of information about your paper (and probably invite you to take a piece of candy). You'll meet with your tutor who will talk with you briefly about what sort of paper you're writing, at which stage of the writing process you are, what sorts of things you think you need to work on, and so on. Each tutor has a different style, but generally, you'll work through the paper together, reading passages aloud and talking through errors and ideas. Tutorials are interactive, engaging, and even fun!

With whom should I work?

All of our tutors would be happy to help you with any kind of writing in any kind of style, but please refer to the staff page for specific information on tutors' specialty areas. Junior and Senior I.S. students, please note that only consultants, the writing center intern, and senior peer tutors can assist you when working on I.S. If you are coming to the Center with a Chemistry assignment, our Chemistry tutors are specially trained to assist you.

Where are you located?

We're in Andrews Library, on Level 1. We are located in the Andrews Room just behind the Circulation desk in the main lobby. If you're having trouble, ask someone at Circulation and they'll be happy to point you to us.

Can I come in without an appointment?

If we can, we'll be glad to help you without an appointment, but we are quite busy and available time slots fill up quickly. In order to guarantee your time with a tutor, please consider scheduling an appointment in advance. If there are no appointments available, a floating tutor is on duty from 6:00-10:00 pm to assist walk-ins. If the floating tutor is occupied, you can put your name on our waiting list, and we'll give you a call if anything opens up!

How soon in advance should I schedule an appointment?

In most cases, students typically come to the Writing Center for assistance and then go back to their rooms to start working/revising on their own. In order to allow yourself enough time to get the help you want and to polish your paper so that it reads like you want it to, be sure to make your appointment for at least a couple of days before your paper is due. This will allow enough time to write a truly polished copy.

Whom can I call with questions or to schedule an appointment?

The Writing Center is available in person at Andrews Library, Level 1, by phone at ext. 2205, and by email, and appointments can also be scheduled online.