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Senior ARCH Majors, joined by Claire Miller on far left (ANTH), celebrate I.S. Monday: March 26, 2012. (1 to r) Catherine Gullett, Anarrubenia Capellin-Ortega, and Emily Butcher


Independent Study

Independent Study (I.S.) at Wooster provides a chance for each student to pursue in depth an area of their own choosing, with the one-on-one guidance of a faculty member.  Many archaeology students elect to do their I.S. projects on laboratory or field studies in which they have engaged.  The Archaeology Department encourages students to present their I.S. work at regional or national professional meetings, such as the Central States Anthropological Society or the Society for American Archaeology, or at student colloquia on campus.  Students find that I.S. prepares them well for graduate study.

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Students have chosen wide-ranging topics, including

  • The Historic Built Landscape of The College of Wooster: An Investigation into Architecture, Curriculum, and Memory, by Jacob Dinkelaker '11
  • Interpreting Royal Portrait Stelae as Political Strategy: An Analysis of Iconography and Social Competition at Tikal and Copan, by Chelsea Fisher '11
  • Shiny Rocks: Studying the Transition to Horticulture Using the Techniques of Microwear Analysis, by Andrew Marley '10
  • Paleoclimate Teleconnection Between the American Mid-Continent and North Pacific Driven by Shifts in Atmospheric Circulation, by Terry Workman '10
  • Excavating Hallowed Ground: An Assessment of the State of American Civil War Battlefield Archaeology, by Allison Young '10
  • The Manufacturing of Paints and the Mineral Trade in Ptolemaic Egypt: Analysis of Material from the Wooster Mummy, by Jenna Arculeo '09
  • The Emergence and Development of Medieval Walled Towns: An Examination of Settlement Structure in Cork, Ireland, from the Ninth Century Through the Fifteenth Century, by Brittany Rancour '09
  • Welcome to the Past: An Analysis of the Historiography and Archaeology Behind Early Colonial Living History Museums in America, by Emily Long '08
  • Stories in the Stones: A Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Historic Cemeteries in Lewes, Delaware and Wayne County, Ohio, by Erin Toohey '07
  • Residue Analysis of Ceramics from Late Byzantine and Medieval Contexts at Pella, Jordan, by Hanneke Hoekman '04