Visual Resources Library

About Us

We are primarily focused on the digital imaging aspect of our Visual Resources Collection. The collection now boasts an in-house library of approximately 9,000 born digital images and a number of creative commons licensed shared collections totaling over 10,000 additional images.  The digital collection is hosted in MDID2, which is a free digital asset management database developed by James Madison University and hosted by The College of Wooster.

The collection is overseen by a part-time Visual Resources Curator who is responsible, in part, for:

  • creating born digital images through flatbed scanning, slide scanning, and digital photography;
  • the development and maintenance of the digital image infrastructure: Madison Digital Image Database (MDID);
  • the generation of metadata to accompany all images added to the digital library;
  • the conservation, future digitization, and circulation of the existing slide collection;
  • organizing sections within the collection and making them more user-friendly;
  • the hiring and supervision of student workers.

In addition to the Visual Resources Curator, the Visual Resources Library depends on student staffing in order to operate smoothly. This includes at least one assistant specializing in digital imaging, digital copystand and photography, as well as the filing of slides.