ntroductory Chemistry Laboratory on the First Floor.

Introductory Chemistry Laboratory on the First Floor.



Severance Hall, located on College Mall, was build in 1902 using salvageable bricks from Old Main to make the cores of the walls. The building was named in honor of one of the leading benefactors of the College, Louis H. Severance of Cleveland, Ohio.  At first the building was used for instruction in both chemistry and physics, but later it came to be used only for chemistry instruction. The building underwent its first complete renovation in 1960.

In 1998-99, the original 28,000 square foot Severance Hall was fully renovated and enlarged with a 14,000 square foot addition.  The addition houses the largest teaching spaces, a new elevator, and the major mechanical systems that serve the entire facility.

Ground Floor

  • Analytical Laboratory
  • Biochemical Laboratory
  • Physical Chemistry Laboratory
  • Two Instrumentation Rooms
  • 400 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer
  • Stockroom

First Floor

  • Seminar Room: 18 seats
  • Introductory Chemistry Laboratory
  • Instrumentation Room
  • Departmental Office
  • Faculty Offices

Second Floor

  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory: 14 fume hoods
  • Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory: contains specialized equipment
  • Computer Graphics Laboratory
  • Independent Study Laboratory and Desk Room
  • Three Instrumentation Rooms
  • Student Common Space
  • Faculty Offices

Third Floor

  • Two Independent Study Laboratories and Desk Rooms
  • Computational Chemistry Laboratory
  • Two Instrumentation Rooms
  • Cold Room