The student will meet with the advisor once a week to discuss ideas relating to the project, review progress, and map out work to be done. All Computer Science I.S. students will meet as a group to give a brief presentation of their work to that point (dates are below).

With the exception of the oral defense, the student will submit a typed document for each item by 4:00 p.m. on the indicated day. The student will submit the final thesis to the Registrar's office on the indicated day; all other documents will go to the advisor. Advisors will not discuss assignments with students on the day they are due or the day before.


  • Week 1 Email your advisor a copy of this timeline, where the weeks have been replaced by the calendar date of the corresponding Friday for the indicated week.
  • Week 3 Project Abstract
  • Week 6 I.S. Student Meeting where you give a 5-minute presentation of your I.S. topic to your peers and department faculty. Turn in thesis outline and agreement on the chapters to be completed by the end of the semester
  • Week 8 Annotated bibliography
  • Last week of classes Fall Semester Chapters specified in above agreement completed
  • Last week before Spring Break Final Draft
  • End of Spring Break Final Thesis
  • TBA CD, Web document
  • TBA Oral Defense