2014-2015 Geology Club

2015-2016 Geology Club


Geology Events

Geology Club Schedule 2015-2016

Geology Club is held at 11:00 a.m. in Scovel 205, unless otherwise stated. GeoClub Lunch will follow in Lowry Center rooms 250-251.

Date      Event
Aug 27 Opening Convocation, McGaw Chapel
Aug 28 Scot Spirit Day
Sept 3 Departmental Meeting and Annual Photo
Sept 10 Dr. Margaret Yacobucci, Bowling Green State University, presents "Cephalopod Diversity and Paleobiogeography during the Late Cretaceous" 
Sept 17 "What I Did Last Summer" slideshow
Sept 24 Maddie Happ, "Exploring new tree-ring parameters from wood density and blue intensity (BI)" and Michael Williams, "Emplacement Mechanisms of Lava Flows in the Ice Springs Volcanic Field, Black Rock Desert, Utah"
Oct 1 Kaitlin Starr, "Reconstructing Ice Dynamics from Forests Preserved in the Wake of the Retreating Columbia Glacier" and Eric Parker, “Long-Term Analysis of Water Quality Parameters of Glacially-Fed Rivers, Mount Rainier National Park” 
Oct 8 Krysden Schantz, "The Use of Multiple Dating Methods to Determine the Age of Basalt in the Ice Springs Volcanic Field, Millard County, Utah" and Mary Reinthal, senior I.S. presentation.
Oct 15 No GeoClub - Fall Break
Oct 22 Meredith Mann, "Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of the Passage Beds Member at Filey Brigg (Upper Jurassic, North Yorkshire, England)", Adam Silverstein, "Regional Extinction as a Mechanism for Subsidence at the Vatsndalur Structural Basin, Skagi Peninsula, Northwest Iceland" and Kelli Baxstrom, "Transport and Emplacement of Lava Flows at Ice Springs Volcanic Field, Black Rock Desert, Utah"
Oct 29 Mock GSA
Nov 5 GSA – No GeoClub
Nov 12 Dr. Craig Lundstrom, University of Illinois
Nov 19 Brittany Nicholson and Mae Kemsley
Nov 26 No GeoClub - Thanksgiving Break
Dec 3 Trevor Shoemaker and Dan Misinay
Dec 10 No GeoClub - Holiday Party
Winter Break
Jan 21 Welcome Back, Photos and Retakes, Preview of Upcoming Semester, Call for Nominations
Jan 28 Maddie Happ, Dan Misinay, and Michael Williams
Feb 4   Kaitlin Starr
Feb 11 Career Planning
Feb 18 Welcome to the Major!
Feb 25 Meredith Mann, Adam Silverstein, and Kelli Baxstrom
Mar 3  Mary Reinthal, Brittany Nicholson and Mae Kemsley
Mar 10 Trevor Shoemaker, Krysden Schantz and Eric Parker
Spring Break
Mar 31  Dr. Jen Wenner, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Apr 7 GeoJeopardy or GeoFamily Feud
Apr 14 Dr. Patrick O’Connor, Ohio University, Osgood Speaker 
Apr 21 Julia Franceschi, Senior I.S. presentation
Apr 28 Jr. I.S. Presentations
May 5 Jr. I.S. Presentations and GeoClub 4:00 p.m. Picnic