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2016-2017 Geology Club


Geology Events

Geology Club Schedule 2016-2017

Geology Club is held at 11:00 a.m. in Scovel 205, unless otherwise stated. GeoClub Lunch will follow in Lowry Center rooms 247-248.

Date Event
Aug 25 Opening Convocation, McGaw Chapel
Aug 26 Scot Spirit Day
Aug 31 11 a.m. Ben Gaglioti, University of Alaska - Fairbanks and Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Permafrost research and graduate school discussion. 11:00 a.m. in Scovel 116
Sept 1 Departmental Meeting and Annual Photo
Sept 8 Career Day
Sept 15 "What I Did Last Summer" slideshow
Sept 22 Mock GSA
Sept 29 GSA – No GeoClub
Oct 6 Dr. David Jarzan, Research Associate, Cleveland Museum of Natural History presents, "Palynology: Principles and Applications of Pollen...Nothing to Sneeze At!"
Oct 13 Fall Break - No GeoClub
Oct 20 Senior I.S. presentations - Julia Franceschi, "A Study of the Stratigraphy of Pillow Ridge: a Glaciovolcanic Tindar, in Northwestern, British Columbia, Canada"
Oct 27 Senior I.S. presentations - Sarah McGrath, "Western Tropical Atlantic Hydrology Changes During Abrupt Climate Events in the Last Glacial Interval," Annette Hilton, “How to Remotely Sense Pollution: Detection and Monitoring of PCBs in the San Francisco Bay,” Clara Deck, “Permafrost Carbon Stocks in Ice-Wedge Polygons and Large-Scale Climate Implications" and Andrew Wayrynen, “Reading Glacier Bay from Geomorphology to Basket Weaving.”
Nov 3 Senior I.S. presentations - Chloe Wallace, "Paleo-Ice thickness of a glaciovolcanic ridge, Reykjanes Peninsula, Southwest Iceland,"  Kevin Komara, "Lithologic and Well Log Analysis of Well J. Mosher 2 and Well McChesney 1, Morrow County, Ohio,"  and Helen Siegel, "Projection of Groundwater Pumping Sustainability: Volta Wildlife Refuge, Merced County, California," and Jeff Gunderson," Exploring Dendrochronology: Modeling Glacier Mass Balance and Glacial Dating in Alaska."
Nov 10 Senior I.S. presentations - Andrew Conaway, “Establishing a Geochronology of Wisconsin Temperate Lakes Using Radiometric Dating and Geohistorical Analysis,” Cole Buehler, “Exploring the Significance of Water in Crystallographic Formation Through the Analysis of Olivine”, and Sharron Osterman, “An Analysis of the Erosion at Spangler Gorge near Wooster, Ohio.”
Nov 17 Senior I.S. presentations - Etienne Fang, “Iron ooids in the Decorah Formation (Upper Ordovician, Sandbian) in Southeastern Minnesota,” Dean Thomas, “Assessing the Paleoenvironments of the Decorah Formation using Conodont Elements,” Conner Gelwicks, “Animating the Dynamics of the Columbia Glacier, Alaska,” and Cassidy Jester, “Origin and paleoecology of ferruginous oncoids (“snuff-boxes”) of the Middle Jurassic (Bajocian) in the Inferior Oolite Group of southern England and northern France.”
Nov 24 Thanksgiving Break - No GeoClub
Dec 1 Senior I.S. presentations - Rachel Wetzel, “The Paleoecology of Prasoporafalesi in the Decorah Formation (Upper Ordovician) of Iowa and Minnesota,” Liza Backman, “Improving p-XRF Capabilities for in Situ Geochemical Analysis Case Study: Arkansas Alkaline Province and Stanley Shale,” and Nikki Bell, “Brachiopods of the Decorah Formation Exposed in northeastern Iowa and southeastern Minnesota (Sandbian, Ordovician).”
Dec 8 Noon to 1:00 p.m., Holiday Party - No GeoClub
Winter Break
Jan 19 Welcome Back, Photos and Retakes, Preview of Upcoming Semester, and Call for Nominations
Jan 26 William K. Burris ('91) - Environmental Restoration Program Manager, United States Air Force -  presents "Chlorinated Solvent Remediation at Brandywine Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office: DOD Success and Future Challenges."
Feb 2 Patricia Kelley ('75)
Feb 9 Senior I.S. presentations - Jeff Gunderson, Helen Siegel, Annette Hilton, and Chloe Wallace.
Feb 16 Senior I.S. presentations - Nikki Bell, Etienne Fang, Rachel Wetzel, and Dean Thomas.
Feb 23 Senior I.S. presentations - Cassidy Jester, Andrew Wayrynen, Liza Backman, Clara Deck, and Sarah McGrath. 
Mar 1 Thirty-Sixth Annual Richard G. Osgood, Jr. Memorial Lecture: Dr. Rob Thieler, U.S. Geological Survey, Coastal and Marine Geology Program, Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Lecture will begin at 7:30 p.m. in Lean Lecture room.
Mar 2 Dr. Rob Thieler, U.S. Geological Survey presents, "A bird's-eye view of the beach: novel technologies for predicting geomorphic change and habitat selection by shorebirds."
Mar 9 Senior I.S. presentations - Sharron Osterman presents "An Analysis of the Erosion at Spangler Gorge near Wooster, Ohio;" Kevin Komara presents "Lithologic and Well Log Analysis of Well J. Mosher 2 and Well McChesney 1, Morrow County, Ohio;" Andrew Conaway presents "Magnetic Susceptibility as an Indicator of Anthropogenic Alteration to Three Wisconsin Temperate Lakes;" Conner Gelwicks presents "Animating the Dynamics of the Columbia Glacier, Alaska;" and Cole Buehler presents "Exploring the Significance of Water in Crystallographic Formation Through the Analysis of Olivine."
Spring Break
Mar 30 Welcome to the Major! Catered lunch to welcome our newest Geology majors to GeoClub. 
Apr 6 Dr. Sophie Lehmann, '08 - Post-Doctoral, University of Pittsburgh.
Apr 13 Andy Nash '14, adjunct professor in Geology, The College of Wooster  
Apr 20 Tricia Hall '14, Graduate Research Associate at The Ohio State University
Apr 27 Jr. I.S. Presentations: Peter Hurst, Ben Kumpf, Emmett Werthmann, and Brandon Bell
May 4 Jr. I.S. Presentations: Macy Conrad, Luke Kosowatz, Matthew Shearer, and Cole Jimerson.
GeoClub Picnic begins at 4:00 p.m.
May 5 Jr. I.S. Presentations:Amineh AlBashaireh, Eve Caudill, Michael Craigmile, Eduardo Luna, Chris Menolasino, Mouhamet Ndiaye, Jacob Nowell, Mara Sheban, and Feiyi Wu