Independent Minds, Working Together

Faculty & Staff

Kent J. Kille

Professor; Chair - Political Science

Matthew Krain


Byunghwan Son

Visiting Assistant Professor

Amyaz A. Moledina

Associate Professor of Economics; Co-Founder of Social Entrepreneurship Program (One Year Research Leave)

Ibra Sene

Assistant Professor

James Warner

Associate Professor of Economics (One Year Resesarch Leave)

Natalie McCoy

Administrative Coordinator

Peter Pozefsky


Harry Gamble

Associate Professor; Chair of French and Francophone Studies

James Burnell

Professor; Chair of Economics

Kevin Marsh

Visiting Assistant Professor

Michele Leiby

Assistant Professor

Katherine Holt

Assistant Professor (on leave 2013-2014)

Jeffrey S. Lantis

Professor (On Leave Spring 2014)

Greg Shaya

Associate Professor; Chair of International Relations