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Every year, student teams in the Department of Math and CS compete in the MCM/ICM Math Modeling Competition.



The goal of mathematics is to quantitatively describe our world. Primary to achieving this goal is the creation of solutions to problems. Wooster’s faculty members encourage students to discover solutions to problems through creativity and careful reasoning.

Almost every discipline uses more quantitative tools than in the past. Research in the physical sciences is almost always based in mathematics. New branches of mathematics serve the biological and social sciences as well as the arts.

The Mathematics program lays the groundwork for the understanding and the practice of mathematics in graduate study, teaching, actuarial science, applications to the social and physical sciences, and computer science. There is stress on comprehension of principles, reasoning and the use of these in applied problems.

Free walk-in assistance is available in The Math Center for students in 100-level math courses.

The 2015-2016 Department Newsletter (.pdf) is now available.

Applied Methods and Research Experience (AMRE)

The 2016 AMRE program completed 12 projects. Read more.