Independent Minds, Working Together


Wooster Mathematics Polygon Dissection

Student Researchers: Evan Radkoff and Logan Garrity

Faculty Advisor: Pam PIerce (Mathematics) and Denise Byrnes (Computer Science)

Our project, Circle Squaring 2010, is a continuation of work done by AMRE and HHMI researchers in the past. Our work involved polygon dissections. This was a result of trying to approximate a 1990 paper by Laczkovich on the subject of circle to square decompositions. The past summers saw major results arise including an algorithm to dissect a polygon of any given even number of sides and form a square with the pieces. This summer, the task fell to us to write up the results and create an animation visually explaining our algorithm. The goal was to submit a website with our research findings to the MAA's online journal, LOCI.