Independent Minds, Working Together


Analysis of Actuarial Data Supporting Rate Changes

Student Researchers: Ashley Stopka, Ian Sharp, Hannah Roberts

Faculty Advisors: Jennifer Bowen and John Ramsay (Mathematics)

The project consisted of analyzing filings that an insurance company is required to submit to each state's Department of Insurance (DOI) whenever the company changes its rates or rules. The first part of the project involved reading through filings and making observations based on what is included, what is changed, methodology and objections from the DOI. The second part involved focusing on the average number of claims and the size of the payouts for these claims in Pennsylvania. We collected data from the files to determine how Progressive ranks among their competitors in terms of the frequency and severity of claims within different coverage types. The largest focus in the second part of the project was to look at data about Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims in Kentucky to determine. Progressive has seen evidence of increasing fraudulent PIP claims in Kentucky. We looked to determine whether or not other companies are seeing similar trends in PIP fraud.