Experiential Learning students

Experiential Learning

Assessment Framework for Experiential Learning at The College of Wooster

Student Researchers: Julia Land, Giang Nguyen, and Eric Petry

Faculty Advisors: Pam Pierce (Mathematics) and Lisa Verdon (Business Economics)

This project is a continuation of the 2011 AMRE project: College of Wooster Assessment. We conducted research on experiential learning (EL) in general and EL opportunities at Wooster in particular. Our goals were: 1) create clear guidelines for each tier, along which EL programs can be classified and 2) develop assessment tools for EL programs which reflect the unique nature of each program. We investigated and developed a model for EL, which is the foundation for our three-tiered classification framework. In the assessment component, we created assessment tools and assessment processes pertinent to two different groups of EL programs. These tools should help the College make more informed and effective decisions regarding the allocation of support to and investment in EL programs. We also outlined the EL process that students might have to undertake in order to participate in EL experiences.