Students in front of Kent Displays sign

Kent Displays

Modeling Tension in Wound Polyester Film

Student Researchers: Kevin Dinh and Sarah Laper

Faculty Advisors: Drew Pasteur (Mathematics) and Susan Lehman (Physics)

This project applied winding concepts such as radial pressure, yield point, Young’s modulus, friction, and Hakiel’s simple winding model to predict the occurrence of telescoping and dimpling, two common winding defects at Kent Displays©, in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) rolls, which are used to make Boogie Boards. Hakiel’s simple winding model was closely examined and implemented in MATLAB® during the early stages of this project. After validating the predicted pressure measurements from Hakiel’s model with measurements taken at Kent Displays©, telescoping and dimpling were then examined. In addition to discovering the location and frequency of telescoping and dimpling in PET rolls, common winding variables, such as taper percent;roll length; initial tension; radial, tangential, and core modulus; were closely studied. Lastly, a list was compiled on how altering winding variables affects radial pressure in a wound roll.