Knot Theory students

Knot Theory

Undergraduate Research in Knot Theory

Student Researchers: Danielle Shepherd, Joseph Smith, and Sarah Smith-Polderman

Faculty Advisors: Jennifer Bowen and John Ramsay (Mathematics)

This project is a continuation of past research. During our time this summer, our team created a digital catalogue of over 50 Klein links. In addition, we investigated connections between the invariants of torus links and Klein links with the goal of further understanding the effects of our construction. Through this research, we were able to discover results that related the crossing number of torus links to Klein links and Klein links to Klein links. After developing these ideas further, we created a paper that involved these findings and hope to publish these results in the future. We will be presenting a portion of our findings at the 2012 UnKnot Conference at Denison University later in the summer.