Independent Minds, Working Together

Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality academic programs in mathematics that will allow students to prepare for graduate work and for employment in mathematics-related positions. Students will develop their analytical and problem solving skills while learning about the beauty of mathematics. In addition to providing specific content knowledge in mathematics, the mathematics program will develop the strong communication skills that are necessary in today's society. We will also strive to provide courses that will serve the needs of other departments and programs within the college.



Students should be able to read and understand mathematical statements as well as express mathematical ideas with precision and clarity both orally and in writing.


Students should know the fundamental concepts, definitions, theorems and techniques of calculus and linear algebra. In addition, students should demonstrate competence in several specific areas of both pure and applied mathematics.

Problem Solving/Reasoning

Students should be able to reason mathematically using graphical, numerical, and symbolic points of view, write sound proofs, and use technology appropriately to solve mathematical problems.


Students should be able to synthesize material from multiple perspectives and make connections between different areas of mathematics.

Independent and Collaborative Learning

The department acknowledges the importance of working together in teams to solve complex problems, and at the same time we hope to develop a culture of independence so that students will be able to approach and solve problems independently. Students will demonstrate skills in both of these areas.