One of the most important aspects of the Wooster Music Camp Experience is our staff.

The Music Camp Staff consists of more than 30 professional music educators that are all currently active in our schools. This means our campers benefit from being supervised by people who understand their needs and abilities.

Parents can take comfort knowing that our highly skilled staff of music education professionals supervises campers from the rehearsal room to the dorms and during recreational activities.

Last Name First Name Instrument
Alexander Ken Percussion
Kaserman Randy Percussion
Ratica Eric Percussion
Roblee Thomas Percussion
Drake Elizabeth Strings
Slechta William Strings
Springer Anthony Strings
Bekeny Amanda Brass
Bennett Douglas Brass
Davis Robert Brass
Dowdy James Brass
Fontaine Shaun Brass
Redd Christopher Brass
Rogers Scott Brass
Stock Ahren Brass
Fitzpatrick Sheila Woodwinds
Forbes Jessica Woodwinds
Gardener Karen Woodwinds
Guegold Judith Woodwinds
Huston Susan Woodwinds
Kazmierczak Pamela Woodwinds
Ruffing Eileen Woodwinds
Smith Jean Woodwinds
Steinbrunner Clinton Woodwinds
Thayer Pamela Woodwinds
Wardeska Amy Woodwinds
Nevola Elizabeth Choral Coordinator
Dubuy Frank Conductor
McGrady Kathleen Conductor
Slechta William Conductor
Wardeska Jay Conductor
Ditmer Nancy Camp Director
Guegold William Camp Coordinator
Wright Doug String Bass
Wright Lori Cello