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Introductory Physics Lab

Introductory Physics Lab


Introductory Lab

The introductory physics laboratory is used for the lab components of General Physics and Foundations of Physics. The lab contains 11 worktables with iMac computers. Lab meets once weekly, and students work in groups of two, three, or four as they venture out of the textbook and into reality. The discovery-based approach parallels the process by which science is done and requires students to make predictions and refine their concepts to match reality. Each student keeps a lab notebook and turns in a written report of each experiment that describes the exploration of the phenomena, collection and understanding the data, and an explanation of the results.

Foundations of Physics Labs (Physics 203 and 204)

Acceleration, Projectile Motion, Force, Playground Physics, Energy, Collisions, Rotational Motion, Pendulum, Fluids, Heat and Temperature, Standing Waves, Beats, Coulomb's Experiment, Electrostatic Field and Potentials, Ohm's Law, Ampere's Experiment, Faraday's Experiment, Ray Optics