Advising Committee

Students at Wooster have a committee of faculty and staff designed to guide them through the process of preparing for, selecting, and applying to medical and other pre-health programs. The main responsibilities of the Pre-Health Advising Committee are to:

  • assist students in course selection for health-related programs
  • advise them in the selection of appropriate professional programs
  • conduct workshops and other activities to help students to learn about medicine and other pre-health fields
  • inform students about the application process for medical, veterinary, and other pre-health programs
  • assist in the selection of awardees for the Medical Humanitarian Internship, administered by the College of Wooster Lilly Project
  • compose a composite letter of recommendation for students applying to medical dental, and veterinary school

Wooster also employs a Pre-Health Advising Coordinator who serves as a centralized source of information and coordinates the application process, particularly in producing the composite letter of recommendation. The Pre-Health Advising Coordinator works in the Office of Career Services and assists students interested in other health care fields such as nursing, physical therapy, nutrition, and pharmacy that do not require an institutional composite letter. The Pre-Health Advising Coordinator maintains an e-mail list of all students interested in health care professions and sends out announcements regularly.

It is important that pre-health students become familiar with the Pre-Health Advising Coordinator and at least one member of the committee. It is helpful to set up a meeting with the Pre-Health Advising Coordinator as early as possible. Students should consult with faculty on a semester basis to obtain advising regarding course selection and planning.

Members of the Pre-Health Advising Committee

  • Paul Bonvallet - Committee Chair
    Associate Professor of Chemistry
    124 Severance Hall
  • Stephanie Strand - (Spring 2012)
    Assistant Professor of Biology
    106 Mateer Hall
  • Thomas Tierney
    Associate Professor of Sociology & Anthropology
    011 Kauke Hall
  • James West - (Spring 2012)
    Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
    303A Mateer Hall
  • Lisa Kastor
    Director - Office of Career Services
    117 Rubbermaid Student Development Center
  • Carol Sedgwick
    Pre-Health Coordinator
    Rubbermaid Student Development Center