Dual-Degree Program

The College of Wooster and Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry Seven-Year Dual Degree Pre-dental/Dental Program

The College of Wooster entered into an agreement with Case Western Reserve University's School of Dentistry to participate in a seven-year, pre-dental/dental program. Each student successfully completing both programs will receive the Bachelor's degree from The College of Wooster and the Doctor of Dental Surgery from Case Western Reserve University. A student interested in applying for this program, must note it on their application for admission to The College of Wooster, and apply Early Action with a deadline of November 15. Any prospective student interested in this program is strongly encouraged to contact the Chair of the Pre-Health Advising Committee.

About the Program

  • Students accepted into the seven-year program will be guaranteed a place in the first year class at the School of Dentistry upon completion of their junior year at The College of Wooster provided he/she follows academic guidelines and meets the requirements listed below.
  • Each seven-year student will attend The College of Wooster for the first three academic years and complete approximately 24 courses designed to satisfy pre-dental requirements for Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry and requirements for combined professional program as outlined in the College catalogue.
  • The Bachelor of Arts degree from The College of Wooster is awarded upon successful completion of the first year of work at the School of Dentistry.


  • Seven-year students must maintain an academic grade point average of 3.25 or better both in science courses and overall GPA while at The College of Wooster.
  • Seven-year students must obtain a score of 18 or higher on both the Academic Average and Perceptual Ability sections of the DAT.
  • Four courses of chemistry with lab* of which two are organic chemistry; Chem 110 does not have a lab, but does count toward this requirement.
  • Two courses of biology with lab.
  • Two courses of physics with lab.
  • Two courses of English.
  • Suggested pre-dental science electives include cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, and physiology.

How to Apply

  • Students must indicate in their application to The College of Wooster a desire to apply for the seven-year dental program.
  • If accepted to The College of Wooster, the admissions office will send a copy of the undergraduate application to Case Western Reserve University Dental School for review. Students will then be notified if they have been invited to interview.
  • Interviews typically occur 2 to 4 weeks after the application was received. Students will be notified by Case Western Reserve University if they have been accepted.
  • Seven-year students must complete, at no charge, the formal application to the School of Dentistry and take the DAT in their junior year.
  • Seven-year students must apply in writing to the Dean of The College of Wooster to graduate "in absentia" by the end of the spring semester following the guidelines outlined in the course catalogue under Pre-Profesisonal and Dual Degree Programs.