The MCAT changed to a new format in January 2015.  It has four sections:

Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems

  • First-semester biochemistry: 15%
  • Introductory biology: 5%
  • General chemistry: 30%
  • Organic chemistry: 25%
  • Introductory physics: 25%

Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems

  • First-semester biochemistry: 25%
  • Introductory biology: 65%
  • General chemistry: 5%
  • Organic chemistry: 5%

Psychological, Social and Biological Foundations of Behavior

  • Introductory psychology: 60%
  • Introductory sociology: 30%
  • Introductory biology: 10%

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

  • Passages from humanities and social sciences

The MCAT is computer-based and is offered more than 20 times per year, with the greatest frequency in the spring and summer months.  Students considering medical school are stronglyencouraged to take the MCAT by May of their junior year.  Applicants are in the most competitive position if they have their MCAT scores reported by the time they begin the application process in June after their junior year.