The Pre-Law Advising Program prepares students for law school, and eventual legal careers. As both law schools and the American Bar Association point out, there is no single "set" curriculum for the pre-law student. Accordingly, the pre-law advising program is a resource for any student interested in law, whatever their major.

Pre-Law Advising sponsors informational sessions, provides preparatory mock Law School Admission Tests (LSAT's), hosts a sanctioned regional moot court tournament, presents lectures from nationally noted legal scholars, and offers other such events. Unsurprisingly, Wooster graduates are successful gaining admission to law schools across the country, including some of the best schools in the nation.

Barbara Fried

Bell Distinguished Lectureship in Law

The 18th Annual Bell Distinguished Lectureship in Law will feature Barbara Fried,  Professor of Law at Stanford Law School.  Her lecture, titled "Facing Up to Scarcity,"  is scheduled for Thursday, April 9 at 7:30 p.m. in Severance Hall, room 009. Learn more.