Independent Minds, Working Together


Who can audition for theatre and dance productions?

Auditions are open to all College of Wooster students regardless of major or year of study. Actors and dancers are selected based on their talent/ability and appropriateness for the specific roll or dance piece. It is not uncommon for first-year and sophomore students to be cast in major rolls or selected for concert pieces alongside upperclass students, since juniors and seniors are immersed in their Independent Study projects.

Are there opportunities for students to work in the theatre department?

There are student employment opportunities in the costume shop, scene shop, and box office.  Please contact Charlene Gross for positions in the costume shop, Jody Tidwell for positions in the scene shop, and Patrice Smith for positions in the box office.

What Theatre and Dance courses should I be taking as a First-Year student?

We encourage new students to begin with our 100 level courses (The Written Text, The Visual Text, and The Physical Text), which are designed as introductions to and preparation for the 300 level practical classes in acting, dance, design, play writing, directing, and technology. Our 200 level history/literature/theory courses are also great places to start your degree or minor. Typically we provide one or two 200 level courses each semester. In addition, any student participating in our faculty directed productions can register for .25 Practicum credit each semester. Please see the Chair of the department for details before registering.