Collaborative Research Environment


The name CoRE—Collaborative Research Environment—defines the mission of the space, which is located on the first floor of Andrews Library. It’s a vibrant, exciting, and creative environment for collaborative work by students and faculty.

CoRE is a place to brainstorm ideas, develop collaborative projects using digital and traditional media, sketch out a new concept, or practice a presentation.

Students can consult with a research librarian on their topic, stop for a cup of coffee, work with consultants at the writing center on the text, then move to the digital media bar and get help from the tech tutors on creating a blog. They might do this with a group, with each student bringing a laptop and projecting a piece of the work on a flat screen monitor, or sketching out ideas on a whiteboard. The multipurpose room in the center is a space where a class of junior I.S. students might present research proposals, or a group of faculty could discuss new teaching techniques.

The name also proclaims that collaborative research is at the core of who we are as an institution: America’s premier college for mentored undergraduate research. When people see this space and the activities happening within it, they will recognize instantly that undergraduate research throughout the four years, culminating in senior I.S., is what defines and distinguishes us. 

In sum, this as a place for us to celebrate what we do well, and at the same time push the boundaries of undergraduate research.