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The Art and Science of Design

(08) The Art and Science of Design - Simon Gray, Department of Computer Science

Have you ever had trouble opening a door, turning on a faucet, or using a new gadget?  A good design tells you something about what a product can do and how to use it, while a poor design produces confusion and frustration.  Consider it this way—design involves making meaning and conveying that to users; design is an act of communication.  In this seminar we will look at design as a multi-disciplinary problem-solving activity through which something is created to meet a need. We will explore the design process from need identification, through specification and the consideration of alternatives, to the development of a solution.  We will also consider the criteria by which a design is evaluated.  Readings may come from Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society (K. Ulrich), The Design of Everyday Things (D. Norman), Small Things Considered (H. Petroski), The Art of Innovation (T. Kelley and J. Littman), Design-driven Innovation (R. Verganti), The Innovator’s Dilemma (C. Christensen), and Thinking in Systems (D. Meadows).