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  • Mark Christel, Director of Libraries (Art/Art History)
  • Stephen Flynn, Emerging Technologies Librarian (CDI,  International Relations, Latin American Studies, Political Science, Spanish)
  • Mark Gooch, Collection Management and Discovery Services Librarian (Asian Studies Chinese, East Asian Studies, Economics, German, Government Information, Russian Studies, South Asian Studies, Urban Studies, User Services)
  • Julia Gustafson, Research and Outreach Librarian (Career Services, Classical Studies, English, Learning Center, Music, Physical Education, Psychology, Religious Studies)
  • Elys Kettling Law, Research and Information Services Librarian (Admissions, Africana Studies, Archaeology, Communication, Education, Sociology/Anthropology)
  • Denise Monbarren, Special Collections Librarian (Film, History, Theatre, Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies)
  • Catherine Newton, Digital Scholarship and Preservation Librarian (French, Philosophy)
  • Zachary Sharrow, Science Librarian (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environments Studies, Geology,  Mathematics, Neuroscience, Physics)

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