FYS Librarians

Professor Title Librarian
Alkemeyer Animals, Monsters, and Aliens Gustafson
Bonk Copying and Creativity Sharrow
Bos Babes in Boyland Gooch
Cope The Latino Experience in California and Beyond Gooch
Ditmer Your Brain on Music Gustafson
Duval Female Villains in Literature and Cinema Newton
Edmiston Want to Change the World? Sharrow
Farr "What Happened to the Maya?" Law
Ferguson Catching Up or Leading the Way Gooch
Filimonova  (In)visible Others in Literature and Film Newton
Freeze Contemplating Music Gustafson
Fury Speech, Language, and Socioeconomic Status Law
Kammer Just Work Gooch
Kille Global Issues and Engagement Gooch
Kreuzman Morality, Dogma, and Reason Newton
Lehtinen Explorers and Exploration Monbarren
Lindner Belief in God in an Age of Science Gustafson
Matsuzawa Transnational and Comparative Perspectives on Society and Culture Gooch
Michael Latin Culture, Music, and Dance Monbarren
Morgan The Scientific Method in Practice Sharrow
Neuhoff The Neuroscience of Everyday Things Sharrow
Pierce Tough Choices Law
Pozefsky The Art of Love Law
Prendergast, M. Icons of Western Culture 1505-1962 Gustafson
Prendergast, T. Uncanny Law
Rapport Join Us! Come Eat! Gustafson
Rhyan Heroines of the Odyssey Gustafson
Riley Facing the Anthropocene Newton
Roche The Dust Bowl Monbarren
Seeds Hyphenated Lives Monbarren
Shaya, G. The Eyewitness in History Monbarren
Siewert Memorials and Memory Monbarren
Sobeck STEM Crossing Sharrow
Thompson, C. Poverty, Children, & the Brain Sharrow
Visa Computers Changing the World We Live In Gooch
Wells The Meaning of Life Newton
Wong Open Your Eyes and Listen Law
Wright, J. Intersectionality of Opressions Law