FYS Librarians

Professor Title Librarian
Aguilar Impossible Realities Christel
Anderson American Dreaming Law
Atay Mapping the Crime Gustafson
Bostdorff The Vietnam War Law
Bourne Literature and Place Monbarren
Bowen The Signal and the Noise Sharrow
Culver Theme and Variations Monbarren
Ditmer Your Brain on Music Gustafson
Forbes The Black College Student Law
Fraga/Snider  Choices Sharrow
Freeze Contemplating Music Flynn
Friedman Food for Thought Gooch
Gamble Journeys in the French-Speaking Caribbean Christel
Grace Watchdog Journalism and Social Justice Monbarren
Herzmann Human Memory Flynn
Hustwit Homer's Iliad Gustafson
Kelly Beans and Leaves Sharrow
King #Blacklivesmatter Flynn
Leiby Crime and Violence in Latin America Flynn
Lindberg "I was going to base this class on depictions of the prophet Mohammed, but I feared for my life" Gooch
Lindner Belief in God in an Age of Science Gustafson
Matsuzawa U.S.-China Encounters Flynn
Mellizo Understanding Capitalism Law
Moskowitz The Death of the American Dream? Gooch
Palmer Somos  sur Flynn
Park Debating the Good Book Gustafson
Rudisill Materialize, Vulgarize and Brutalize Law
Schmidt The State of Childhood in the 21st Century Gooch
Seeds Toolmakers Monbarren
Sene Being Young and African in the 21st Century Christel
Snider/Fraga Choices Sharrow
Tefs How Smart are You? Sharrow
Thelamour Rihanna Gustafson
Tierney Utopian and Dystopian Visions Christel
Wells The Meaning of Life Newton
Wilson Nonsense! Sharrow
Wingard Constructing Black Lives in Film and Literature Newton
Wooster Freedom in the Digital Age Newton
Zurko The Graphic Novel as Art and Literature Monbarren