FYS Librarians

Professor Title Librarian
Abramo From the Locker Room to the Shark Tank Gooch
Alkemeyer Animals, Monsters, and Aliens Christel
Barnard Human/Nature Sharrow
Boser Reproduction Revolution Law
Bonk From Ruins to Riches? Gooch
Broda To Tweet or Not to Tweet Law
Burch Seeds of Change Flynn
Collins Science, Gender, and Race Sharrow
Ditmer Your Brain on Music Gustafson
Fraga Choice or Destiny? Sharrow
Freeze The 1920s in Film Flynn
Friedman     Tradition! Tradition! Fifty Years of Fiddler on the Roof Gustafson
Garcia Romance, Bromance, and Besties Gustafson
Grace Sports and Social Justice Gustafson
Graham Being Good Christel
Gray The Art and Science of Design Christel
Herrmann Green Pastures, Dark Forests, Majestic Mountains Gooch
Hettinger Crime Scenery Gustafson
Holt You Are Here Monbarren
Judge Playing Fair Gooch
Krain Human Rights and Wrongs Flynn
McConnell Growing Up Amish in the 21st Century Law
Mirakhor Graphic Life Monbarren
Moledina Black Markets and Underground Economy Gooch
Moynihan Calculating Morality Sharrow
Ng Ouch? Law
Nurse Incarceration Nation Law
Riley Global and Local Rights and Wrongs Law
Schiltz Plato, Aristotle, Serena, and Messi? Flynn
Shostak Art to Art, Text to Text Monbarren
Siewert Living in Disney's World Monbarren
Stavnezer How to Crush College Gustafson
Strand Around the World in 7 Days Sharrow
Tritt B-Boys and Ballerinas Monbarren
Weaver Making American Democracy Work Flynn
West The Spice of Life Sharrow