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Thesaurus Linguae Latinae


Earliest times to AD 600


The task of the institute is to produce the first comprehensive scholarly dictionary of ancient Latin from the earliest times down to AD 600. The work is based on an archive of about 10 million slips which takes account of all surviving texts. In the older texts there is a slip for each occurrence of each word; the later ones are generally covered by a selection of lexicographically relevant examples. Nowadays this material is supplemented, where appropriate, by the use of modern data-banks. The dictionary articles result from a critical inspection and interpretation of this material. They allow the user to follow the development of meaning and usage in each word. Publication is in separate fascicules; during 2009 it will reach the end of the letter P, at which point more than two thirds of the complete work will have appeared in the printed version and also (on the initiative of the publishers) in electronic form.

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