Independent Minds, Working Together
Annie Godonoga

Annie Godonoga ‘14

Major: Business Economics (Minor: French)

IES Abroad, Nantes, France (Fall 2012)

My study abroad in France was amazing! Nothing was better than walking in the morning to the university, exploring the streets of Nantes; awaken by the delicious smell of freshly-baked bread, admiring the fashion style of French people, ready for the adventures and discoveries of a new day. When you study abroad, you feel different, you feel so rejuvenated and full of life, far away from routine, you feel like every single day is a novelty. Studying abroad is an experience that everyone should have some day as it takes you out of your comfort zone and it gives you so much appreciation and understanding of other cultures. I had a blast while being abroad: I travelled a lot, spoke French about 98% of the time and learned to see the world from the eyes of a new culture.