Independent Minds, Working Together
Catie Herst

Catie Herst '14

Major: Psychology (Minor: Early-Childhood Education w/ Licensure)

CEA Seville, Spain (Fall 2012)

Studying abroad was a goal of mine ever since my first semester at Wooster. I began researching various programs and places and finally landed upon a program in Seville, Spain that was just right for me. During my time abroad, I immersed myself as fully as possible in the life and culture of Spain. I lived in an apartment with both domestic and international students. I formed new friendships as well as an everlasting love for the Spanish culture. I participated in various activities while abroad such as teaching English to elementary school students, interacting with several intercambios students (language-exchange), taking a Spanish cooking class, serving on a student activities crew for my program, traveling to other countries around Europe, as well as significantly improving my Spanish. Although leaving the States for several months initially seemed daunting, the experience proved to be very rewarding and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity!  I hope to return to Spain following graduation to continue exploring a country that now has a part of my heart.

I joined the GET with the hope of helping to inspire more students to take the risk, and enjoy the benefits that studying abroad can have on one’s future goals and outlooks on life. I hope that by speaking to students based off of my own experiences off-campus that I can serve as a reference and support for any pre or post study abroad questions or concerns!