Independent Minds, Working Together
Camille Schwartz

Camille Schwartz '14

Major: Communication Studies

IES Abroad, Nantes, France (Spring 2013)

Ever since I began studying at the College of Wooster I have  wanted to study abroad in another country.  I hoped to enhance the cultural and linguistic experiences I gained from the College of Wooster by living in an authentic French speaking city.  My spring semester of Junior year I had the life changing opportunity to live with a  French host family and take classes through the IES study abroad program in Nantes, France.  Taking classes in a foreign language, making friends with students from different countries, and living with a French speaking host family introduced me to new ways of living, thinking, and interacting.  While the culture differences were challenging at times, the experience helped me to gain confidence in my own independence and my ability to adapt to different situations. As a part of the GET team, my goal is to provide students with a personal perspective based on my own experience and mentorship to assist them in successfully preparing for their study abroad journey.