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Off-Campus Study Checklist

Application Process

  • Make an appointment with your academic advisor as soon as possible to discuss off-campus study in your (anticipated) major (required).
  • Attend an OCS 101 informational session preferably prior to meeting with the OCS Director.
  • Make an appointment with the OCS Director at the latest in the fall of the academic year before you intend to study off-campus (required).
  • Attend the Off-Campus Study Fair in Lowry Center during International Education Week.
  • December 1: Declaration of Intent to Study Off Campus (.pdf). Submit this form to the OCS office by this deadline.
  • February 1: Off-campus study proposal materials to be submitted via the online application:
     - Off-Campus Study Proposal
     - Transcript (unofficial, uploaded to the application system)
     - Advisor’s Reference (completed your academic advisor via the application system)
     - Release of Liability (completed, signed by you AND your parent/guardian, and uploaded)
  • February 1: Petition for Off-Campus Study (if necessary). Read the petition procedures carefully and submit the petition to the OCS Director for special endorsement of non-endorsed programs (see Endorsed Programs) or for another exception to OCS policy.
  • Apply to your program directly. Before submission, make a copy or PDF version of your program application and upload it to the application system. Program application deadlines vary. Contact your program or the Director of OCS for more information. Note:  Official transcripts may be ordered from the Registrar’s office.

Once you are Accepted into your Program

  • Pay any confirmation deposits required by your program. This deposit will be re-credited to your student account by The College of Wooster on your first invoice for the semester of OCS.
  • Read all program information carefully, and submit all forms in a timely manner.

Before you Leave Campus

Attend the Pre-Departure Orientation. This event is MANDATORY and occurs each semester. OCS will inform you of the date (required).

Create a College of Wooster e-portfolio, and upload your application essay questions and resume prior to departure (required).

Complete the Emergency Information Card and submit it to the OCS director prior to your Pre-Departure Orientation (required).

Research the health and safety recommendations and requirements for your destination. Make an appointment to meet with your home doctor, the county health department, or the Student Wellness Center. Note: If you make an appointment with the Student Wellness Center, you must bring with you your current vaccinations, a printout of CDC recommendations, and a printout of U.S. Department of State health and safety recommendations for your location of study.

Course selection: Talk with your advisor and department chairperson to obtain pre-approval for courses that you intend to transfer towards major, minor or graduation requirements.

Read the following documents available on the OCS website, and be aware of your responsibilities. Discuss the information with your parent/guardian.

  • Fees and Billing for Off-Campus Study Programs (Business Office)
  • Transfer of Financial Aid for Off-Campus Study Programs (Financial Aid Office)
  • Room Selection Upon Return to Campus (Office of Residence Life)
  • Mail Policy for Off-Campus Study
  • Registration for Returning Students and Transferring Academic Credit to Wooster (Registrar's Office)
  • Credit Transfer Chart for Off-Campus Study
  • Off-Campus Study Refund Policy

Get a passport if you are leaving the country and you do not already have one that will be valid through your stay abroad (and several months after your return). Be sure to verify your country's requirements. Some will require you to obtain a visa. Visa application procedures for some countries have become more complex, so check with your program and the OCS Director for more information.

Check your health insurance coverage. If your program does not require you to purchase additional coverage, check with the OCS Director to see if you must purchase coverage through The College of Wooster.

If you will be a first-semester senior upon your return to campus, send a Library Carrel form to Andrews Library.

Internships: Check with the OCS Director and your home department to see if your off-campus internship will count for academic credit.

Field Research: Any student conducing research on human subjects should remember to review the College's policy on Human Subjects Research and apply for approval if necessary.

Check your Wooster e-mail account.  OCS and other offices on campus will be in contact with you to provide you with important information and deadlines.  

After Completion of the Program

  • Transcript: Although most programs do this already, verify that your program or host institution will send an official transcript to the Registrar at The College of Wooster.
  • Credit transfer: Before the end of the first semester following OCS, you must fill out a Transfer Credit From, have it approved and signed by your advisor, and submit it to the Registrar's office. Consult the Credit Transfer Chart for Off-Campus Study (.pdf) to get an idea of how your credits will transfer back.
  • Program Evaluation: Complete the REQUIRED Program Evaluation. Failure to do so will result in a registration hold that will remain until the evaluation is submitted.
  • E-Portfolio: upload a reflective essay on your off-campus experience that responds to your application essays; revise your resume to include your off-campus experiences.