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Martha Dowell ‘08, Nieu Bethesda, South Africa

Martha Dowell ‘08, Nieu Bethesda, South Africa


Choosing a Program

So you want to study off-campus.  What are your next steps?

Talk to your advisor

As early as possible…Talk with your academic advisor (or another faculty member in the department of your major or intended major) about the best program for you and how off-campus study fits into your academic plans at Wooster. Your major or minor requirements might determine where, when or for how long you are able to study off-campus.

Attend an OCS 101 informational session

Check the OCS Calendar for dates, times and locations. It is not necessary to register for a specific session - you may attend the session that is most convenient for you, but you should attend a session prior to meeting with the OCS Director.

Make an appointment with the Director of OCS

During the fall semester of your sophomore year (ideally) make an appointment with the OCS director to discuss your goals for OCS as well as the College’s Policies and Procedures for Off-Campus Study.

Define your goals

Think about your goals for your off-campus study experience. Do you want to learn a new language? Do you have your heart set on a specific location? Do you want to meet new people in a homestay or by living in the residence halls? Are you looking to take a specific course or complete an internship within your field of study? 

Read over past Program Evaluations (COW password protected) to find out what Wooster students have thought of the programs you’re considering. If you are a student with specific concerns, such as GLBT, multiculturalism, women's issues, or accessibility, please don’t hesitate to discuss these concerns with the OCS Director or with the contact person in the program you select.

Complete an application

Complete the OCS Application and submit all accompanying material by the stated deadline of the year prior to your off-campus study.

NOTE (10/14/13): The application process for Off Campus Studies is not yet open.  Submission of applications will not be available until winter break.  If you have questions regarding studying Off Campus, please attend an OCS 101 Session and or email the Director, Kate Patch.

Note: Summer study abroad students need only apply through OCS if they would like one of their eight semesters of financial aid to transfer. We are happy to advise you on summer study, however, or you can use one of the searchable databases. You can also take advantage of Wooster-run short-term programs like Wooster in Kenya, Feminist Theology in Thailand/Myanmar, or Tropical Field Biology in Ecuador; explore Copeland Funding opportunities, or talk with Experiential Learning in APEX.

Talk to returnees

Attend OCS and other global events on campus to meet other returnees or students interested in off-campus study and to learn about programs, destinations and off-campus study in general.

Contact one of our Global Envoys to schedule a one-on-one advising appointment.


Research your program and your destination of study.  Visit the OCS office; look online; talk to professors, international students, or returnees; keep in contact with your program and OCS!