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PBK Prize Winner 2012

Haley Brown is a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major from Wilmette, Illinois. Her Independent Study project was entitled “Alterations in the Activity of the Yeast Peroxidase Tsa1 Upon Modification by Alkylating Agents.” The goal of her research was to elucidate the function of a protein in yeast, Tsa1, when it was targeted and modified by a class of molecules called electrophilic alkylating agents. This work was important because investigation of the function of protein targets of electrophiles is currently an active area of research. While at Wooster, Haley has been an active researcher, both on campus and for a summer at the University of Iowa. She served as a tutor for General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, also as a laboratory teaching assistant for the Department of Biology. She also played the flute as a part of the Scot Symphonic and Scot Marching Bands. Next year, Haley will be at the National Institutes of Health doing research as a post-baccalaureate intern.

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