Classroom Reservations

Classroom floor plans and resources are available for each building. Please note that these floor plans are only templates. Due to utilization needs, the room configurations may be different than shown.

During the academic year, faculty and staff who would like to use most classroom spaces on campus must make a reservation following the steps outlined here.

  1. Consult the Campus Events Calendar to view available classroom spaces.
  2. Create a new event to add to the calendar indicating  the space or resource you would like to use. Have available the following information:
    *Name of the organization/department using the space;
    *Title and explanation of the event;
    *Contact person and contact information;
    *Date of event reservation;
    *Beginning and ending time of the event reservation
  3.   For additional assistance contact the people listed below for reserving space during the academic year:
    *For scheduling academic classroom reservations UNTIL 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, contact: Paul Seling Ext. 2623
    *For scheduling Lowry Center and McGaw Chapel, and for scheduling academic classroom reservations AFTER 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, and on weekends, contact: Whitney Wenger, Ext. 2570
  4. Once the academic year finishes or during College breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, and Summer),Whitney Wenger handles all room and space reservations.