Current Research Positions

The student application deadline for Fall 2015 is September 16, 2015. 

Applications will require a current resume. Make an appointment with Career Planning, or stop by APEX on Wednesdays from 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. to get help preparing your resume.

The application will request you to upload a copy of your one page resume as a PDF and for you to write one to two paragraphs for each of these prompts. Please have these ready before beginning the application as you may only submit ONE application!

  1. Describe the specific objectives you hope to gain from your first choice research experience.
  2. What strengths (academic and non-academic) do you bring to this project that will contribute to its success?


General Area of research


Atay Media Studies and Intercultural Education  4
Baumgartner History  5
Bonk Chinese History, War, and Society  5
Clayton Environmental Attitudes  5
Durr Chemistry- Inorganic  4
Duval Racism in Francophone Graphic Novels and Comics  5
Feierabend Physical Chemistry  6
Fitz Gibbon and Nurse Inequality  6
Florence Humanities and Education  6
Freeze Musicology  6
Frese Food, Gender, U.S. History  5
Garcia Psychology  3
Goldberg Illustrator for test under development  5
Holt Digital History: Web Developer  7
Kille Political Science  6
Lehtinen Field and Organismal Biology  5
Matsuzawa Keyword research with Chinese newspapers  3
McGee Molecular Evolution of Bacteriophages  6
Neuhoff Auditory Perception  6
Ng History of Pain in Chinese Medicine  6
Peterson Synthetic Organic Chemistry  6
Pollock Geology  6
Rathbone Modern French History  3
Seeds Contemporary Native American/First Nations Performance  4
Schmidt Technology in Early Childhood Education  5
Stavnezer Rodent Behavioral Testing  6
Thelamour Educational Psychology  6
Wiles Tree Ring Dating Historical Structures  5
You Chinese Studies, Folklore Studies 5