Professor Susan Clayton

General Area of Research:

Environmental attitudes

Project Description:

We will work on two things. The first is a continuation of a project begun in Fall 2014, which will be an experimental examination of the effects of various images on people's mood and attitudes. The research assistant will help by setting up the experiment and collecting the data when research participants come into the lab. Other tasks include data entry, literature search, and perhaps selecting and coding images. The second project involves developing questionnaires to assess environmental attitudes and knowledge among schoolchildren in China, from kindergarten through university. The research assistant will primarily search the literature to find related measures, and help in modifying those measures.

Related Majors:

psychology, sociology. Interest in education and/or environmental studies is also relevant.

Skills / Classes Required:

Some experience with psychological research, for example in Psych 250, is helpful. Familiarity with Excel is useful. Above all, the research assistant should be reliable and able to work independently.