Independent Minds, Working Together

Pamela R. Frese

General Area of Research:

Working with material on wedding foods and the wedding ritual

Project Description:

Initially, I need a student to convert my old school slides to newer cd forms for use in lectures, in community presentations, and in publications. I currently have over 500 + slides covering the last 30 years of research. When this is over, the student(s) will help me contact the publishers of some of these slides that were taken from magazines to request publication rights. And if there is still time after all this, I will need the student(s) to conduct content analysis on current bridal magazines to explore current beliefs about food and ritual.

Related Majors:

anthropology, WGSS, sociology

Skills/Classes Required:

I will teach the student(s) how to convert slides to cd form using the machine in the library. There maybe some color correction involved in the older slides but Mark Christel assures me this can be done on the machine we own. I will also work closely with the student(s) in securing permissions for publication of these materials and in any content analysis they will do for me.

Additional Information:

Position may be for one full time student or 20 hours a week for two students