Independent Minds, Working Together

John Lindner - Project 2

General Area of Research:

Classical Entanglement

Project Description:

We are developing a computer simulation of the entanglement of liquid crystals, which are long molecules that can be shaped like the letters I (rods), V , U (staples), or H . They may be rigid or floppy. The shapes are dropped in a cylindrical pile, shaken vertically, and then the pile is allowed to relax into a tangled heap. This summer, we hope to continue developing this simulation so that we can compare with experiments and better understand classical entanglement, which has many applications in addition to liquid crystals.

Related Majors:

Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics

Skills/Classes Required:

Programming experience in a C-like language (C, Obj-C, C++, or Java) is critical. One year of calculus (Math 111-112) and one year of calculus-based physics (Physics 203-204) is helpful.