Independent Minds, Working Together

Hayden Schilling


Project Description:

I need a student to help to build a bibliographic database the English Parliaments during the period, 1640-1660. This twenty-year period encompasses most of the central events of the English Civil War, the English Republic and the Protectorates of Oliver and Richard Cromwell up to the Restoration of 1660.

This is a period of fundamental constitutional change and Parliament, especially the English House of Commons, was at the center of these transformative events.
Much of what the student would need to do is to build a bibliographic base of sources both at the College and on line elsewhere. Much of this work can be completed using on line resources. I may periodically ask the student to read and outline certain materials that are especially related to my on research on Richard Cromwell's only Parliament in early 1658-1659.

Related Majors:

History, International Relations