Independent Minds, Working Together


The Office of International Student Affairs (OISA)

The OISA is the primary contact for international students and their families after they've paid their enrollment deposit. The OISA will assist you in obtaining necessary documents and information to maintain your status while studying at Wooster. The office also supports numerous international programs and events throughout the year.

The Center for Academic Advising

Through the Center for Academic Advising, Class Deans can assist first and second year students in choosing their major and refer them to other campus resources. There's also a first year mentoring program. These programs supplement the work of a student's advisor.    

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is open to all students regardless of their major or writing ability. Individual and group sessions specifically for English as a Second Language learners are available. 

The Learning Center

The Learning Center helps students achieve their overall academic goals by assisting with issues relating to developing good study habits and improving time and stress management. Services for students with learning and physical disabilities are also offered.

The Career Planning Center

International students can access career planning to help them create an effective resumes, find summer internships or jobs, and prepare for post-graduation work opportunities.

The Office of Interfaith Campus Ministries (OICM)

The College of Wooster has its roots in the Presbyterian tradition. While we are no longer a Christian college, we do consider the spiritual and religious development of students to be important regardless of an individual student's beliefs or the religious tradition they follow. The Office of Interfaith Campus Ministries supports student groups and programs relating to faith and spirituality as well as dialog between these groups. We have students and student groups that follow such religious traditions as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism.