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Visa Information

I-20 Documents

  • After paying your enrollment deposits, you will be sent I-20 documents.
  • Unless a student is Canadian or they have status through family members' visas, we require international students to apply for F-1 visas.
  • Students need to pay the SEVIS fee in order to apply for F-1 visas.

Visa Interviews

After receiving the I-20 documents, arrange visa interviews with the nearest US consulate or US embassy. It's preferable to have these interviews conducted in your country of citizenship when possible.

  • During the interview, the consulate officers try to determine if it is your intention to study in the US and return home when your studies are complete.
  • We will send information on preparing for your visa interview when we send out I-20 documents.

Length of Stay and Work

Holders of F-1 visas can stay in the US for the length of their study plus a limited  time following the completion of their studies in order to pursue Optional Practical Training.

F-1 visa holders are allowed to work on campus for up to 20 hours a week when school is in session and 40 hours a week when classes are not in session (winter, spring and summer breaks).

After Obtaining Visa

Its important to maintain communication with Wooster once you have received your visa. We'll send you information to help you prepare to come to Wooster.

New Student Orientation

International students are required to attend an orientation event that addresses specific issues and concerns related to your status. Don't book your travel until you have the dates when you are to arrive on campus. Those with US citizenship who have been living overseas are welcome to attend also. 

Questions and Concerns

The Office of International Student Affairs can assist you with further questions and concerns.