Independent Minds, Working Together

Why Wooster

What draws so many international applicants to the College of Wooster?

Academic Opportunities

College of Wooster students work closely with faculty in and out of the classroom and actively learn through discussions in small classes. Students engage in original research, not only in their final year with the Independent Study program, but in project based learning and research as early as their first year.

Wooster is a solely undergraduate institution so there's no competition for professors' time or equipment with graduate students. Wooster offers considerable academic freedom allowing students majoring in one field to pursue their passions in other areas. Business economics majors take art classes and chemistry majors are talented musicians in our orchestra.

Social Opportunities

People here are exceptionally friendly and welcoming due in part to our Midwestern US location and to our residential community that combines living and learning. You'll make lifelong friends from the US and around the world and gain faculty mentors who will be advisors long after graduation. Wooster will quickly become another home and the community of students and faculty will become an important support network.

Unique Sporting Opportunities

If you have a passion for sports as well as academics, Wooster offers plenty of possibilities, from soccer and swimming to field hockey and golf. Is cricket your game? It's only played on a few U.S. college campuses, but Wooster is one of those special colleges.

International Student Alumni Network

See what our alumni are pursuing, how their lives have been positively affected by their time at Wooster, and how they continue to be involved in the college through the International Student Alumni Network.