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Music Scholarship


Applicants for a Music Scholarship must complete an application for admission to the College, submit the Music Scholarship Application Form (which will become available in early October), and two letters of recommendation, by January 15. Letters of recommendation should be submitted by your private music teacher and the high school music director most familiar with your work or another individual who knows your work well. 

Music Scholarships are awarded to first-year students (transfers are not eligible) on the basis of music performance skills demonstrated at the audition OR on composi­tional skills evidenced by written scores, and two letters of recommendation.


Winners are required to continue study of their instrument or voice at Wooster, and therefore auditioners must perform in applied areas in which the College offers instruction. Music Performance applicants should present ten minutes of concert music (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Repertory and/or Twentieth-Century) or jazz in at least two contrasting styles selected from the Class A Solo Repertoire List (or its equivalent) from your state. Selections should be chosen to demonstrate technical facility as well as expression and tone quality. When possible, singers should perform in English and at least one foreign language, preferably Italian, and may include one song from a musical. Memorization for singers is required. In keeping with copyright laws, applicants who perform using printed music MUST perform from published editions, not from photocopies or facsimiles.

Music Composition applicants should submit two representative scores. Recordings of compositions are encouraged but not required. Applicants who are not percussionists may audition on only one instrument or in voice. Percussionists must audition on at least two contrasting instruments.

All Music Scholarship applicants are required to attend the Introduction to Music at Wooster Program (Friday of audition weekend, 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM, Scheide Music Center), which will include dinner and informational sessions with College of Wooster music faculty and current musicians. 

Auditioners may arrange overnight accommodations on campus on Friday evening through the Office of Admissions by calling 800-877-9905. Reservations must be made at least one week in advance. 


Scholarship notification will be mailed by April 1. Students who have not been admitted to the College at that point will not receive notification until they receive a final admissions decision.


Beginning with the first semester of the first year and continuing for as long as a Music Scholarship is held, Music Scholarship winners must:

  • Enroll in and successfully complete (each semester) private lessons on the instrument or voice in which the Performance Scholarship was won or in composition lessons if the scholarship was won for composition, AND
  • Enroll in and successfully complete participation (each semester) in the Wooster Singers, Wooster Chorus, Wooster Symphony Orchestra, Scot Band, Wooster Jazz Ensemble, or Gospel Choir.

Holders of Performance Scholarships must participate on the instrument or voice on which the scholarship was won; keyboard players may be granted exceptions as to the type of ensemble that will fulfill this requirement. Music Scholarship winners are not required to major or minor in music.

Audition Dates

Music Scholarship auditions will be held in Scheide Music Center at The College of Wooster on the dates listed below.

  • Friday, January 30
  • Saturday, January 31
  • Friday, February 13
  • Saturday, February 14

All applications and accompaniments must be postmarked by January 15.

International Students

Recorded auditions will be considered only for international applicants. Recordings (and all application materials) must be postmarked by January 15.


If you wish your vocal audition to be accompanied and are unable to bring your own accompanist, the College will provide one for you upon request. If you wish the College to provide you with an accompanist, please indicate so on your Music Scholarship application and send with your application published editions of your audition music on which you indi­cate desired metronome speeds. Your music must be in our possession at least one week prior to your audition or the College will not provide an accompanist. Copyright laws prohibit us from accepting photocopies or facsimiles of music scores. If you need your original music for other auditions or competitions, we can accept photocopied music as long as you bring the original music to your audition. It is completely acceptable to audition with­out an accompanist. All instrumental auditions will be unaccompanied.

Degree Auditions

College of Wooster students who wish to pursue one of the pre-professional degrees in Music (B.Mus. or B.Mus.Ed.) must pass an audition for entrance into the program. While this audition is normally taken at the end of the first year at Wooster, in exceptional cases your music scholarship audition may also count as this entrance audition for the pre-professional degrees. Please note, however, that any pre-approval for entrance into the music program that is granted at the music scholarship audition is still contingent upon your general admission to the College of Wooster.