College Scholar Award

To apply for the College Scholar Award, please follow these instructions:

1. Complete the general application for admission by January 15

2. Complete the College Scholar Application Form by January 15

3. Schedule an interview by January 15. Interviews must be completed by February 1. (Ideally, interviews should be conducted on-campus. However, interviews via phone or Skype are possible if a visit to campus is not feasible.) Please note that if a student has already conducted an interview with a Wooster representative at any point during their junior or senior year, then we do not require an additional interview specifically for the College Scholar Award.


The admissions committee will consider your short-answer responses, overall academic achievement, extra-curricular involvement, leadership, and personal merit. Scholarship designations will be made by a combination of these evaluations.

REMINDER: Please note that the College Scholar Award is only available to U.S. citizens. International student scholarship information can be found here

Questions & Concerns

Please contact the Admissions Office at 330-263-2322.