Independent Minds, Working Together


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  • Ann Hamilton: tracing language
  • The Contemporary Landscape
  • Ken Aptekar: Painting Between the Lines 1990-2000
  • Hollis Sigler: Selections from the Breast Cancer Journal
  • Representations of Illness and Healing in African Art


  • Russian Brass Icons
  • Marina Mangubi: Music on the Bones
  • Bridget Murphy: A Public Confession
  • Michael Mercil: promise
  • Pipo: AnOther Western
  • 2001 Five Colleges of Ohio Student Biennial
  • t(here): Holly Morrison
  • The Romance of Architecture: Prints from the John Taylor Arms Collection


  • Claudia Bernardi: Frescoes on Paper
  • Walter Zurko: Work
  • Johnny Coleman: For Oshon, A Gathering of Brothers
  • Nanette Yannuzzi Macias: Drawings
  • Steel and Real Estate: Margaret Bourke-White and Corporate Culture in Cleveland


  • Selections from the Chinese Collection


  • French and British Etchings 1850-1900
  • Hung Liu: A Ten-Year Survey 1988-1998
  • Claudia Esslinger: Civil Divination