Adam Fritsch

Adam Fritsch

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

Department/Affiliation: Physics
Phone: (330) 287-1952
Office Address: Taylor Hall 107


  • Ph.D., Physics, Michigan State University, 2014
  • M.S., Physics, Michigan State University, 2011
  • A.B., Physics, Wabash College, 2009

Courses Taught

  • Modern Physics
  • Electronics for Scientists
  • Introduction to Nuclear Physics
  • General Physics

Research Interests

  • Experimental nuclear physics
  • Dissertation title "The Search for Cluster Structure in the 14C with the Prototype AT-TPC"

Recent Publications

  • Suzuki, D.; Shore, A.; Mittig, W.; Kolata, J.J.; Bazin, D.; Ford, M.; Ahn, T.; Bec- chetti, F.D.; Beceiro Novo, S.; Ben Ali, D.; Bucher, B.; Browne, J.; Fang, X.; Febbraro, M.; Fritsch, A.; Galyaev, E.; Howard, A.M.; Keeley, N.; Lynch, W.G.; Ojaruega, M.; Roberts; A.L.; Tang, X.D.; "Resonant scattering of 6He: Limits of clustering in 10Be," Phys. Rev. C 87, 054301 (2013).
  • Suzuki, D.; Ford, M.; Bazin, D.; Mittig, W.; Lynch, W. G.; Ahn, T.; Aune, S.; Galyaev, E.; Fritsch, A.; Gilbert, J.; Montes, F.; Shore, A.; Yurkon, J.; Kolata, J. J.; Browne, J.; Howard, A.; Roberts, A. L.; Tang, X. D.; \Prototype AT-TPC: Toward a new generation active target time projection chamber for radioactive beam experiments," NIM A, 691, pp. 39-54 (2012).
  • Suzuki, D.; Bazin, D.; Mittig, W.; Lynch, W. G.; Hewko, C.; Roux, A.; Ben Ali, D.; Browne, J.; Galyaev, E.; Ford, M.; Fritsch, A.; Gilbert, J.; Montes, F.; Shore, A.; Westfall, G.; Yurkon, J.; "Test of a micromegas detector with helium-based gas mixtures for active target time projection chambers utilizing radioactive isotope beams," NIM A, 660 (1), pp.64-68 (2011).