Cody Leary

Cody Leary

Assistant Professor of Physics

Department/Affiliation: Physics
Phone: 330-263-2274
Office Address: 108 Taylor


  • B.S., University of Puget Sound (Physics and Mathematics) 2003
  • M.S., Ph.D. University of Oregon 2004, 2010
  • Dissertation title: "Measurement and control of transverse photonic degrees of freedom via parity sorting and spin-orbit interaction"

Research Interests

  • Parity-based measurement and control of transverse quantum states of light, bimodal two-photon interference, quantum entanglement, spin-orbit interaction of electrons and photons in cylindrical geometries.

Courses Taught

  • Calculus Physics
  • Modern Physics
  • Electronics for Scientists
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Particle Physics
  • Thermal Physics
  • First Year Seminar
  • Math Methods for Physical Sciences
  • Electricity & Magnetism

Senior Theses Advised [abstracts]

  • Michael Bush (Physics and Math), A Comparative Analysis of Photon and Electron Wave Functions in Spherically Symmetric Potentials, 2016
  • Andrew King-Smith, Manipulation of Polarized Transverse Spatial Modes to Induce Non-linear Structures Using the Geometric Phase, 2016
  • Maggie Lankford, The Production and Manipulation of Nonseparable Spin-Orbit Modes of Light Under Hong-Ou-Mandel Interference Conditions, 2016
  • Yashasvi Lohia, Modal Analysis of Light Propagating Through Structurally Disturbed Optical Fibers, 2016
  • Saul Propp (Physics and Philosophy) Relativistic Perturbations and Ontological Implications: Exploring the Zitterbewegung and Laying the Groundwork for a Quantum Ontology, 2015
  • Deepika Sundarraman, The Manipulation of Transverse Spatial Mode and Polarization Degrees of Freedom of Light in an Asymmetric Interferometric System, 2014
  • Tom Gilliss, Manipulation of Transverse Photonic Degrees of Freedom via Classical and Hong-Ou-Mandel Interference, 2013
  • Karl Smith, Electrons Aligned and Felines Undefined: Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics and Perturbing the Spin-Orbit Interaction in Electrons, 2013
  • Michael-Erik Ronlund, Sorting Spatial Wavefunctions of Photons by Parity, 2013
  • Mohammad Saif Ahmad, Parity-based Measurement and Control of the Spatial Wave Function of Photons, 2012
  • Margaret Raabe, Manipulation of a Photon's Wave Function in Optical Fibers, 2012

Recent Publications (*student co-author)

  • C.C. Leary, Maggie Lankford* and Deepika Sundarraman*, "Polarization-based control of spin-orbit vector modes of light in biphoton interference", Optics Express Vol. 24, 3 pp. 14227-14241 (2016).
  • Leary, Cody C., Maggie Lankford* and Deepika Sundarraman*, "Polarization-Based Control of Spin-Orbit Hybrid Modes of Light in Biphoton Interference", in Conference on Laser and Electro Optics 2016 and 2016 Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference, San Jose, CA (2016).
  • C. Leary, M. Lankford* and D. Sundarraman*, "Coupling of spin and orbital degrees of freedom in tunable Hong-Ou-Mandel interference involving photons in hybrid spin-orbit modes”, Proceedings of SPIE: Optics and Optoelectronics - Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Transfer and Processing (2015).
  • C. Leary and Karl H. Smith*, "Unified dynamics of electrons and photons via Zitterbewegung and spin-orbit interaction", Phys. Rev. A, 89, 023831, (2014).
  • Cody C. Leary, Thomas Gilliss* and Deepika Sundarraman*, "Bimodal Hong-Ou-Mandel Interference in Symmetric and Asymmetric Optical Systems", proceedings of the Conference on Coherence in Quantum Optics, Optical Society of America, M6 05 (2013). 
  • Dashiell L. Vitullo, M. G. Raymer, Cody C. Leary, Siddharth Ramachandran, “Photonic Spin-Orbit Interaction in Few-Mode-Optical Fiber,” in the Proceedings of the Frontiers in Optics: Laser Science XXVII Conference, San Jose, CA (2011).
  • Yoonshik Kang, Kiyoung Cho, Jaewoo Noh, Dash Vitullo, Cody Leary, and Michael G. Raymer, "Remote preparation of complex spatial state of single photons and verification by two-photon imaging experiment" Opt. Express 18, 1217 (2010).
  • C. C. Leary, M. G. Raymer, and S. J. Van Enk, "Spin and Orbital Rotation of Electrons and Photons via Spin-Orbit Interaction" Phys. Rev. A (Rapid Communications) 80, 061804 (2009).
  • C. C. Leary, L. A. Baumgardner, and M. G. Raymer, "Stable mode sorting by two-dimensional parity of photonic transverse spatial states" Opt. Express 17, 4 (2009).
  • C. C. Leary, D. Reeb, and M. G. Raymer, "Self-spin-controlled rotation of spatial states of a Dirac electron in a cylindrical potential via spin-orbit interaction" New J. Phys. 10, 103022 (2008).