Diane M. Rossey

Diane M. Rossey

Administrative Coordinator: Retired, January 2016

Department/Affiliation: Chemistry, BCMB

Congratulations and best wishes to Diane who retired at the end of January 2016.  Diane worked in the Department of Chemistry since September 1, 1978.  She began as the part-time secretary and was promoted to the full-time position in October 1983.

Diane's contributions to the department included performing clerical functions, monitoring the departmental budget, preparing statistical reports, conducting research, handling information requests, creating the department Annual Report, maintaining the department web sites, preparation of the American Chemical Society annual and periodic reports, and assisting with the annual Helen Murray Free Endowment Lecture Series.  Diane carried out these duties as the primary clerical/administrative staff member of the department.

Diane was impeccably professional and performed her work with care, dedication, organization, and great attention to detail.

Mary Cornelius has assumed Diane's responsibilities January 4, 2016.