John Lindner

John Lindner

Professor of Physics and The Moore Professor of Astronomy

Department/Affiliation: Physics


  • B.S., University of Vermont 1982
  • Ph.D., California Institute of Technology 1988

Courses Taught

  • Astronomy of Stars & Galaxies
  • Astronomy of the Solar System
  • Modern Physics Lab
  • Electricity & Magnetism
  • Astrophysics
  • Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Computational Physics
  • General Relativity
  • Particle Physics
  • First Year Seminar
  • Thermal Physics
  • Calculus Physics
  • Algebra Physics
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Junior and Senior Independent Study

Recently Advised Senior Theses [abstracts]

  • Benjamin Harris, Establishing Methods to Track Surface Avalanches on a Bead Pile, 2014
  • Danielle Shepherd, Go with the Flow: Developing Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations According to the Navier-Stokes Equations, 2014
  • Prakrit Shrestha, Universe from Scratch, Exploring Quantum Gravity in 2+1 Dimensions Using the Causal Dynamical Triangulation Method, 2014
  • Andrew Blaikie, //, 2013
  • Samuel Mermall, The Motion of a Flapping Flag: Chaos or Noise?, 2013
  • Syne Salem, Spacetime: Engineering and Metaphysics, 2013
  • Phil Wales, ξ., 2013
  • Norman Israel, Quantum Gravity: Exploring the Causal Dynamical Triangulation Approach, 2012
  • Katsuo Maxted, A Cyclic Aero-mechanical Array of One-way Coupled Oscillators, 2012
  • Larry Markley, Perturbing Spacetime, 2012
  • Alyse Marquinez, The Rocket Science Behind the Political Science: Comparing Space Visions fo the Presidents from 1993-2011 and the Rocket Technology That Helped Characterize Them, 2012
  • Louisa Catalano, Tighten Up: A Preliminary Study of Knots, 2011
  • Alex Saines, // Order and Chaos in the Rotation and Revolution of Two Line Segments, 2011
  • Matthew T. Gorski, The Consistent Histories Interpretation as a Solution to the Quantum Measurement Problem, 2009
  • Kelly M. Patton, Experimental Observation of Solitons Propagating in a Hydro-Mechanical Array of One-Way Coupled Oscillators, 2008
  • Lisa May Walker, Spacetime Whirlpools, 2007

Awards and Professional Memberships

  • The Planetary Society
  • American Physical Society
  • Nature Conservancy

Recent Publications (*student co-author)

  • Strange nonchaotic stars, J.F. Lindner, V. Kohar, B. Kia, M. Hippke, J.G. Learned, W.L. Ditto, Physical Review Letters, volume 114, pages 054101(105) (2015)
  • Nonlinear Dynamics Based Digital Logic and Circuits, B. Kia, J.F. Lindner, W.L. Ditto, Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, volume 9, pages 00049 (2015)
  • Coupling reduces noise: applying dynamical coupling to reduce local white additive noise, B. Kia, S. Kia, J.F. Lindner, S. Sinha, W.L. Ditto, Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Sciences, volume 25, pages 1550040(1-12) (2015)
  • Watch your step: Integrating nonlinear dynamical flows by stepping through space and time, B. Kia, J. F. Lindner, W. L. Ditto, International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, volume 24, pages 1450145(1-6) (2014)
  • Simple and inexpensive stereo vision system for 3D data acquisition, S. E. Mermall*, J. F. Lindner, American Journal of Physics, volume 82, pages 1005-1007 (2014)
  • Noise Tolerant Spatiotemporal Chaos Computing, B. Kia, S. Kia, J.F. Lindner, S. Sinha, W.L. Ditto, Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science, volume 24, pages 043110(1-7) (2014)
  • Order and chaos in the rotation and revolution of two massive line segments, A. Blaikie*, A. D. Saines*, M. Schmitthenner*, M. Lankford*, R. D. Pasteur, J. F. Lindner, Physical Review E, volume 89, pages 042917(1-9) (2014)
  • Artificial Gravity Field, L. C. Markley*, J. F. Lindner, Results in Physics,volume 3, pages 24-29 (2013)
  • Quantum Gravity on a Laptop: 1+1 Dimensional Causal Dynamical Triangulation Simulation, N. S. Israel*, J. F. Lindner, Results in Physics,volume 2, pages 164-169 (2012)
  • Electronic and mechanical realizations of one-way coupling in one and two dimensions, B. J. Breen, A. B. Doud, J. R. Grimm, A. H. Tanasse, S. J. Tanasse, J F. Lindner, K. J. Maxted*, Physical Review E, volume 83, pages 037601(1-4) (2011)
  • Tracking Stars, Sun, and Moon to Connect with the Universe, T. C. McAlpine, C. Atwood-Stone*, T. Brown*, J. F. Lindner, American Journal of Physics, volume 78, pages 1128 - 1131 (2010)
  • Order and choas in the rotation and revolution of a line segment and a point mass, John F. Lindner, Jacob Lynn*, Frank W. King*, Amanda Logue*, Physical Review E, volume 81, pages 036208(1-10) (2010)
  • Demystifying decoherence and the master equation of quantum Brownian motion, J. K. Gamble*, J. F. Lindner, American Journal of Physics, volume 77, pages 244-252 (March 2009)
  • Experimental observation of soliton propagation and annihilation in a hydromechanical array of one-way coupled oscillators, J. F. Lindner, K. M. Patton*, P. M. Odenthal*, J. C. Gallagher*, B. J. Breen, Physical Review E, volume 78, pages 066604(1-5) (2008)
  • Invitation to embarrassingly parallel computing, B. J. Breen, C. E. Weidert, J. F. Lindner, L. M. Walker*, K. Kelly*, E. Heidtmann*, American Journal of Physics, volume 76, pages 347-352 (April/May 2008)
  • Precession and Chaos in the Classical Two-Body Problem in a Spherical Universe, J. Lindner, M. Roseberry*, D. Shai*, N. Harmon*, K. Olaksen*, International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, Vol. 18, No. 2, pages 455-464 (February 2008)
  • One-way coupling enables noise-mediated spatiotemporal patterns in media of otherwise quiescent multistable elements, J. Lindner, A. Bulsara, Physical Review E, volume 74, 020105(R)(1-4) (2006)
  • Coupling-induced cooperative behavior in dynamic ferromagnetic cores in the presence of a noise floor, A. Bulsara, J. Lindner, V. In, A. Kho, S. Baglio, V. Sacco, B. Ando, P. Longhini, A. Palacios, W. Rappel, Physics Letters A, volume 353, pages 4-10 (2006)
  • Potential energy landscape and finite-state models of array-enhanced stochastic resonance, J. Lindner, M. Bennett, K. Wiesenfeld, Physical Review E, volume 73, 031107(1-8) (2006)
  • Stochastic Resonance in the Mechanoelectrical Transduction of Hair Cells, J. Lindner, M. Bennett, K. Wiesenfeld, Physical Review E, volume 72, 051911(1-4) (2005).